What I do and who I do it for
I am a freelance creative director in editorial, advertising, branding, art direction and design.
My clients live in design, lifestyle, fashion and beauty.I define and refine brand identities.
I bring them to life in evocative ways; by creating personality, developing narratives, and through establishing unique visual and verbal tonalities.
I create internal brand books and visually driven strategic presentations.
I develop multi-channel campaigns and select editorial or experiential projects.
I manage teams and collaborate well.
I also embrace assignments as a single entity.

Where I have been
In earlier days, I was an editor and art director at Martha Stewart Living magazine. As Creative Director in marketing, I directed advertising campaigns for Banana Republic. Later I worked at Radical Media on various digital and experiential projects as Associate Creative Director in their design and digital department. Lately I worked with 2x4 to develop directions for high end fragrance and fashion clients, most recently for Carolina Herrera. Of course, I have done many other things but these are some highlights.

I Love
Start-up and rebranding projects.
Identifying the natural and authentic.
Establishing new visions.
Working with and assembling teams of compelling, talented, creative people.
Defining and executing singular, beautiful projects.
Ideation, curation, innovation.
Photography and Film.


My eye.
Visual, verbal and strategic thinking.
Creative content and development.
I distill.
I sophisticate.